Toronto: Marble Slabs for Kitchen Countertops

Toronto: Marble Slabs for Kitchen Countertops
Perhaps no single kitchen design element is as elegant as a marble slab countertop. Marble has a timeless beauty that gives any room a luxurious feel. As well, this exquisite natural material is extremely durable and versatile. Some of the most famous architecture in human history has featured marble elements, from ancient Greece to the present day. Toronto homeowners are particularly fortunate in that some of the best stone importer-distributors in the world provide marble slabs to the market in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
What You Need to Know
If you're deciding whether or not to install a marble slab countertop in Toronto, here are some pros and cons to consider:
  • Elegance.Is any material as glamorous as marble? This stone has no peer for sheer elegance. Its lustre, luminescence, and sheer beauty make marble the choice of designers everywhere.
  • Variety. Marble comes in every colour of the rainbow, from classic white with grey or black veining, to deep blue, rich burgundy, rose-pink, forest green, mustard yellow, and hundreds more. Patterning may be very subtle or bold and dramatic. There is a marble to complement any type of design, be it rustic farmhouse kitchen, classic, or ultramodern. You can match marble to any wall or floor colour.
  • Surface. The surface of marble slab is strong and smooth. It stands up well to heat, and is the preferred surface of pastry chefs, since its silky, cool texture is perfect for making dough. Marble is naturally bacteria-resistant, making it a marble countertop an excellent place for food preparation.
  • Durability. Many of the world's ancient architectural wonders were built with marble. This stone endures! With proper care, a marble countertop will last for the lifetime of the home.
  • Easy Cleaning. Marble is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a dry cloth. The stone always looks clean and smooth.
  • Cost. Marble is a luxury stone, and a marble slab countertop will cost approximately $40 - $100 per square foot. However, it's been shown that the added value of marble countertops to the resale value of a home is significant.
  • Maintenance. Marble must be properly sealed, and resealed at regular intervals.
  • Staining.Articles discussing the disadvantages of marble often mention that it can be stained. This is true, but with normal usage, stains are not really a problem.
Choosing a Stone Supplier
In Toronto, choices for stone suppliers are numerous. Here are some tips for choosing a company to partner with:
  • Try to find a knowledgeable importer-distributor who can answer all of your questions about stone and about countertops.
  • Make sure that the company you choose has a large warehouse filled with slabs that you can look at.
  • Find a supplier that's been in business for several years, and that has a good reputation.
  • Check out various aspects of the business before ordering. For example, how quick is their delivery process? How are slabs fabricated? How does the installation process work?
Installing a marble countertop in your home can add aesthetic and monetary value to your home. Visit a stone distributor's showroom today, and discover the beauty of marble!